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Jul 19 14 7:08 PM

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I've had 2 people register but they're not showing up in the admin panel to make the admins, is anyone else having this issue?
But I can still view their profiles,

Anyone got any ideas?

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Jul 20 14 4:14 AM

Hi, ask them to make a post and then you will see them in the admin panel. That or you can go to the invite section of your member list and add their userid.

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Jul 27 14 6:26 AM

I am having this problem, the thing is I am promoting forumer via our chat site that we use and we are asking all our members to register. The problem I am finding is that I don't have their individual email addresses and I cant go checking 35000+ usernames (ok I know not all will register) I just don't want to miss anyone. One of the users said that they registered ages ago but I never saw the request. but when I went to check on forumer there were there :( I have messaged you Arizona about this. Wondered if that was going to be feasible .. it may be another way to rectify this problem.

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Jul 27 14 2:12 PM

Hi Puggly,

Emails and passwords cannot be seen, only the usernames. We can, however, provide a list of all usernames that have registered at your forum (this would give all names, whether they have posted or not, so you may see usernames on the list that haven't posted yet.

In order to obtain such list, please submit a ticket with our help desk. You can do that via this link:

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Oct 28 16 10:10 AM

Other person can not register my community site because of captcha or image verification problem.How i can solve this problem please anyone guide me.

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