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Dec 3 16 10:48 PM

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In response to Forumer's plans to provide mobile access and upgrade its server infrastructure...

It all sounds very progressive and well-considered.  I look forward to the finished implementation.

The only problem I've had with the migration is that, apparently, there was never any thought given to a back-up plan.

What I mean is that during this period, neither Forumer nor Yuku support was accessible.  This should NEVER be the case.  Prior to restructuring, an emergency contact provision should have been provided and advertised.  It's when we users are thrust into veritable limbo that panic sets in and credibility questioned.  I serve as admin on one of the Forumer boards and have some experience with data reorganization so was never really that concerned even with the extended outage (been there myself, stuff happens), but my membership community was truly in panic mode. I had no answers for them or access to ferret them out.  Granted, it sounds overly-dramatic, but these social venues have become extremely influential in the lives of the participants.  Status updates are helpful but there is no replacement for some sort of direct 100%-assured contact with the service provider and if the link to the update status goes dead... well, can you recognize the pitfall?  It should be obvious.

So, just think about it.  Negative response can be easily avoided with a more all-encompassing emergency/back-up plan that stays in touch with its subjects.

Thanks for your indulgence.  Have a great day!

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Dec 5 16 3:04 PM

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback. We had / have two emergency plans, I am sorry if you missed it (it was advertised at the help desk which is not on our servers, and thus always available).

In case of downtime, we give updates at a site that's not on our servers, where everyone can access. The site is at (please note that support is only given there when everything is down)

Also, we can be emailed directly via

Between the email and the off-site forum, everyone should be able to get a hold of us, even when the network is down.

I hope this helps.

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Dec 5 16 11:48 PM

The link provided at the top of our forum was a deadend until the server issues had been resolved.

It took me a while to register with samporpass (I thought that bot-check image had the information to answer the 2nd question so was continually being rejected *doh*). 

Also, when I tried to email forumer the message was always returned undeliverable.

Now, registered on samporpass, I am confident that the communication problem will not reoccur.  Thanks for your time and help tips.

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#3 [url]

Dec 7 16 3:21 PM

The problem is that we only use samporpass when all networks are down. For a support channel, you are always welcome to post at the forum here, or you can also email me at if the other emails doesn't work.

I just sent a test email there and it's fine for me though. Maybe there as a glitch, I'll look into it a bit closer.

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