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Dec 12 16 9:25 AM

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This a problem that has existed for quite a while and we are just working around it the best we can (i.e. it's not an account-specific issue).  It also is not related to browser because the same issue happens with Firefox, IE, Chrome and Opera (maybe others, but these have been documented by the community).

The Problem

At times, when Previewing a post, the edit screen goes completely blank with only the SOURCE button accessible (all other formatting icons are greyed-out).  If the post is then saved, the post is also blank.  We are making sure to supply a Title so that's not the issue, apparently.  The Preview screen contains all the formatting as would be expected, but the edit screen is blank.

This is contingent on the BBcode used, though.  If the post contains pure, non-formatted text, this NEVER occurs.

It seems that using the color text can cause this.  Also, using tables can make the edit screen blank.  It doesn't seem to matter how much colored text is used.  I've had this occur with just a phrase or two, each with a different color.  At times, the text is both italicized and colored.  Same deal, blank edit screen.  I've recommended our community to not use tables because that seems a reliable cause of the anomaly.

Somehow, it seems like the buffer that stores the temporary information gets easily confused or conflicted so cannot transfer the content to the edit screen.  Dunno.  Just guessing.  But this has been going on for years and I figured it was time to try to understand the dynamics so that contributors do not think something is wrong with their account.

Right now, the only work-around I've discovered is to just copy the entire Preview screen, paste it into the blank edit screen and Save without checking an additional Preview.

Any ideas?  Is this happening on other Forumer boards?

I'd appreciate any recommendations about how to avoid this (other than suggesting no one tries to format their posts.)  Hopefully, it's just a browser setting or some such benign adjustment.

Thanks for your attention.

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Dec 12 16 11:29 AM

Hi there,

That sounds like an editor issue.

Try this:
Go to your profile page, and click the tools icon (wrench) in your navigation bar.
On the next page, click "Forums".
on the resulting page, look for editor type and select WYSIWYG.
Save the changes.

I am pretty sure that this will solve your problems.

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Dec 14 16 10:21 AM

That seems to work, so thanks for the tip! smiley: grin

It'll be a bit of a learning curve for other members to understand the BBcode notations appearing in the editor screen, but it's a straight-forward way to prevent those blank screens.

I've been admin for many years and never knew about the edit toggle so suspect others do not realize it is there either.  I'll be socializing this soon, though.  I'm even considering posting a tutorial to help others that just jump in posting without checking through the alternatives. You don't happen to know if such a tutorial about all the bells and whistles for the Forumer interface already exists?  Not regarding writing with BBcode necessarily, but just the interface itself.

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