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Dec 29 16 6:04 AM

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Specifically... this topic is in regards to the site.

This "transition" period has about run its course, now.  Right now, members' posts cannot be identified unless their avatar still works.  I suppose this is a Profile server issue but that is not our concern.  What is our concern is retaining our community's evolution and communication.

I realize support is very limited but the migration project was poorly-planned and has now begun to discourage new members from joining.  I've been receiving messages and emails to that effect and they are on the increase.  It's been almost a month of this nonsense and those seeking a good venue for communicating their interests are being discouraged from using our venue on Forumer.

PLEASE finishing the migration for our forum quickly or we will be forced to our own migration to a more reliable venue where our community can interact as we always have before this tragedy.

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Dec 29 16 12:47 PM


The names not showing for new members is being worked on today.

There are a great number of things to sort out after the server migration, and the new members not showing by name is high on the list.

Thank you for your patience.

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