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May 19 14 10:32 AM

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YOUR SOFTWARE/SYSTEM IS WONDERFUL!  Mind you, I'm not a programmer.  That said, I am proud to look at what we have accomplished in about a week.  Feels professional to me.  I am about to "go public".  Before I give it a go, I have a few questions about system integrity and legacy.

(1) How do I back-up my work product, content, etc.
(2) How is our work product/content secured, our ownership of the content protected?
(3) Do I get into head room issues down the road; and if so, what are your recommendations/solutions?

I understand and appreciate that my current status is "freebie".  This will change soon.  We have several disparate communities that we are merging into one. I expect no less than 1,000 memberships on board and these could come in a hurry.

Thank you for your insight and assistance.
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May 20 14 10:46 AM

Hello :)

1) We don't provide off-line backups, but if you want, every now and then, we can do a data extraction of your posts and send them to you in a .csv file.
By the way, we do make backups of all forums every 24 hours.

2) The standard copyright rules apply. You have copyrights to everything that you post and that is yours. More can be found in our terms:

3) I'm not sure I understand the question. Do you mean bandwidth? If so, it's unlimited :)

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May 20 14 7:38 PM

I highly encourage you to give us the ability to do our own data extractions on at least a weekly basis. This is a showstopper for us. We have a 2,000 person strong community that we are encouraging to make this our focal point. We are using this forum to support a national and worldwide campaign that hopefully will bring another couple of thousand people to us. We are a non-profit support group for a rare congenital syndrome. We are looking to generate funds to move us into a more professional footing which means contributing money to your organization. This is a legacy organization that must employ reasoned and prudent backup of its work product.

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Jun 15 14 6:53 PM

Where should we request a CSV file?  We would like one for our forum, can I request here or a PM?

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Jun 16 14 2:41 PM

I guess I'll take what I can get.  Thanks.

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Jun 17 14 9:01 AM

Ok, your file has been sent to your email.

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